[Webcom] Install: Moodle, journal, conference systems

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Mon Jul 30 14:41:46 EDT 2007

On Sun, July 29, 2007 06:25, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
> Hi everyone, I've been testing out a few different systems that
> various committees, projects, etc. pointed me to and am ready to install
> them on osgeo1.
> The applications in question are:
> * Moodle: http://moodle.org/ - course management system for online
> learning (for Edu Com), already in use by some EduCom curriculum
> contributors, comes with good recommendation and familiarity by others.
> * Open Conference System (OCS): http://pkp.sfu.ca/ocs/ (for
> Conference Com), to improve committee level access for event
> planning, session tracking, file management, maintaining a legacy of
> conference information, etc.  To serve minimally as an easy way to handle
> preliminary planning, hosting some files, etc.  Potentially as a
> year-to-year system for tracking our main events.
> * Open Journal System (OJS): http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/ (for Journal
> project), to improve the set up, review, creation, publication, indexing,
> etc. of OSGeo Journal.  This is primarily a workflow application that
> helps tie together various stages of journal preparation.
> All of the above are stable, mature projects built using, in our
> case, MySQL and PHP.  While it is theoretically possible to mirror their
> functionality using custom Drupal development, I believe that is not the
> best approach, nor feasible at this point in time.  There are others I've
> talked to that have a similar set up as ours, Drupal, plus these other
> apps, plus LDAP and mediawiki.
> They also all support LDAP.  There is also some work going on to
> supply a php-based single-sign-on for these projects.  My experience using
> them has also been positive - the systems are highly responsive, easy to
> install and compact in size.  But the biggest impact will be when it has
> made it easier for others in our community to maintain the content in
> their systems.
> If anyone has any questions, concerns or issues they want to discuss
> before I proceed on installation, please let me know.  I would like to
> start this soon.
> Tyler

Cool to all of them.

Oh, I must amend this to a +0 because a +1 would imply my being able to
help. Old and slow as I am I have trouble keeping up. We should discuss
operation of the new gadgets at FOSS4G. Can we have a WebCom f2f meeting

Best regards,

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