[Webcom] Website theme changes!!

Pericles S. Nacionales pnaciona at gis.umn.edu
Wed Mar 7 15:48:32 EST 2007


If the logo/masthead is defined as a class in the CSS file, can't we just create another class for MapGuide and for any other project?  This way, we just call the correct masthead class from the same CSS file.

I hope this makes sense to you guys.


Perry Nacionales
pnaciona at gis.umn.edu

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On 6-Mar-07, at 7:06 PM, Robert Bray wrote:

> Thanks Lorenzo.
> Is the OSGeo Logo part of the Round Rectangle image at the top of  
> the page? From what I can tell it is. I was hoping to put the  
> MapGuide logo up there on the MG website with the OSGeo logo in the  
> right side bar.
> Anyone have any brilliant ideas how to do this on the MapGuide site  
> without affecting the OSGeo site?

I think it will be easy enough to have two different themes - one  
copied from the other but with only a minor change between them.   
Then on the mapguide site you will switch your site theme to the  
other one.

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