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these are also good points!  We probably should create some rules on "spotlights" or break it down to something like Developer Spotlight, Project Spotlight, foundation spotlight... Well, we should still set up rules on what should be on the spotlight.

An agenda for next meeting?


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I'll try to refrain from an opinion.
 If we do publish these I really think that they should be a different content type so that they can be found better.  Like "Case Study" or "Success Story".
I'd really prefer to see stories on the OSGeo site that show how multiple OSGeo applications can be used together for a solution.  When I initially proposed putting project-specific case studies on the main site, quite a few folks thought that these should be maintained by the individual projects on their own sites.


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Hi all,
MapGuide Open Source is being used in a cool project (see below).  
I'm thinking this would make a good spotlight and would add some 
welcome new content on our front page of the web site.  I know our 
spotlights have been specific people, but why not a project as well?  
What do you think?


> San Francisco Urban Forest Mapping Project
> The City and County of San Francisco's Department of Public Works' 
> Bureau of Urban Forestry, Friends of the Forest, Autodesk, and 
> Online Mapping Solutions have collaborated to develop, launch and 
> support a city-wide, dynamic online map of the city's trees.  Based 
> on MapGuide Open Source, this Urban Forest Mapping System will 
> serve as a centralized location where city employees and the public 
> can share updates on new or existing trees that are part of the 
> city's urban forest.  Learn more about this new urban forest 
> initiative at www.urbanforestmap.org.

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