[Webcom] web site updates

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Mar 21 18:00:15 EDT 2007

1) Buttons on top bar

I've updated the CSS to show yellow top button instead of the blue ones.
If you don't like the color we just need to change an image to update 
all buttons. ex:

this is the image:

naturally available in SVN.

Drupal use a cool system to use just an image to draw all buttons.
Who wants to update the image can update the top template on that image 
and things will work as the svn update will be done on the site.
otherwise I should hack the CSS to use a different image template.

2) right side bar OSGeo box
thanks to master Tyler's directives, I've cut away the hard-coded side 
bar and created a drupal block called "OSGeo right sidebar block 
(HTML)". Actually is automatically called by all pages but any admin can 
decide not to show it in his pages.
ex: http://test.osgeo.net
(I have no admin control on mapguide site)


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