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#166: Use of flags for languages in Drupal Portal
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Comment (by tmitchell):

 How about we replace the country flags with ISO language code icons (e.g.
 [EN]).  This would satisfy me, since the graphics would still attract
 attention.  The codes won't mean something to everyone one of our less
 technical users but they will at least get their attention.

 I've been trying to find a set of these image files, so we could just
 change the files and be done.  But I haven't found any yet - anyone else
 find any?

 Is this a good compromise?

 I like Dave's suggestion too, but think this replacement would be a bit
 easier if the files already exist somewhere.  How important is it that the
 change language options appear as a list on every single page?  (i.e. in
 our side menu?).  Could we do like Dave suggests and just put a single
 link to a change language page?  Hm.... I'm starting to like the idea
 because it would buy back some of the screen real estate.

 Dave Patton suggested:
 You can always have a 'change language' page, that doesn't
 include "those offensive flags", and have it linked from
 every (translated) page via an icon such as a group of flags.

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