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#166: Use of flags for languages in Drupal Portal
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Comment (by jbirch):

 I think that:

 - it's important to have the chance language option on every page:  I
 almost never end up on a site's home page when I'm searching for something

 - it's important to show the language choices in the native lettering.
 That one word you recognise will pop out and allow for easy navigation to
 your native-language content.  My experience with sites that have
 alternate english text anyway.

 The two-letter language codes are less recognisable from a general
 audience viewpoint than the flags.  My take is that we should either turn
 them off (because they're potentially offensive) or leave them on (because
 they provide a nice visual cue even if it doesn't match your country), but
 that having the names spelled out in native language on every page is

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