[Webcom] Layout changes

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Nov 19 12:40:53 EST 2007

OK, mostly complaining :)

Is there any way to change the colour on the donate button?

The expand/collapse icon on the "Events" item is pretty ugly... and
doesn't actually do anything.  Any way to remove it?

I also just noticed that when I go to this page:


I get an error message about the math problem on the initial page load.


-----Original Message-----
From: Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo)
Subject: [Webcom] Layout changes

Hi everyone,
I made a few modifications to the site this morning - feel free to
comment, complain or improve :)

After many requests, I finally moved the "Support OSGeo" block to the
top right of the www.osgeo.org site.  I also disabled the FOSS4G 2007
block.  At some point we might want to replace it with a FOSS4G 2008

I also added an Events link to OSGeo Community menu - it contains a few
subitems (e.g. foss4g2006, 2007, 2008).  Any way to improve the way this

I'm still catching up on email after several days away from the office -
please forgive me if I've missed something else.

Have a good week,

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