[Webcom] Re: [OSGeo] #166: Use of flags for languages in Drupal Portal

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Nov 20 08:11:37 EST 2007

Tyler Mitchell wrote:
> On 19-Nov-07, at 9:42 PM, Frank wrote:
>>  I'm -0 on change for changes sake.
> There have been some compelling arguments against the (mis)use of flags 
> and they've won me over.  Was it the poor wording of my motion that made 
> it sound like it was "change for changes sake"?  


Yes, I would say it was the poor wording of the motion.  Ideally the
motion would have included a summary of reasons for the action since
the discussion sort of died away and I can't even clearly recall the
pro and con arguments now.

> I don't understand why this can't be discussed in the mailing list. 

This can be discussed on the mailing list.

> Putting it off until a meeting may be fine, but if we can't discuss 
> something this simple on the list, then we're true bureaucrats ;-)
>> I'd add that motions should not be made in
>>  tickets, they should be made on the mailing list or in meetings.
> Are these tickets not being cc:'d to the mailing list?

Apparently yes. I noted that at the point you made the motion that you
reassigned the ticket to yourself which would normally stop all further
email to the list.  I did not notice that you added the list as a cc
of the ticket (and unusual practice).

In any event, I still don't care for using a ticket for a motion.  Some
of the discussion (like this) will inevitably go direct via the mailing
list, and other may go in the ticket.  And the email thread is a
ticket subject instead of something prefixed by Motion: so it is easy for
folks skimming to not even realize a vote is afoot.

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