[Webcom] Spotlights...

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Sun Oct 7 17:07:47 EDT 2007

That's awesome Frank.  Spotlights are a great way of building the visibility of our community, and is a nice well defined task that people can feel comfortable volunteering to help with.
I agree that having something like project spotlights would be good.  I've got a GeoWorld article on MapGuide that I've been meaning to republish, but am still digging out from under work that piled up because of FOSS4G.  It sucks feeling energized but having no time to spend on important things.


From: Frank Warmerdam
Subject: [Webcom] Spotlights...


I have written up:


as an attempt to re-invigorate the "spotlight" effort, and to broaden it
to include the need to provide some profile to new projects.

One thing that has become clearer as I prepared this page is that the Journal
is already doing quite a bit of what I'm thinking about, but I feel that
perhaps the content from the Journal is not as accessable and evident yet
as it might be.  Perhaps webcom should be repackaging some of the Journal
content as web pages instead of just the .pdf files?

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