[Webcom] Spotlights

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Oct 9 10:42:12 EDT 2007

Micha / Bob,

I'd appreciate it if you could both join the WebCom mailing list if you aren't
already members.  The Spotlight activity currently is considered part of


In the interest of getting new content, and following up on the Sol Katz
award, I have solicited a spotlight from Steve.  I have entered it at:


It is based pretty much on the questions from Markus' interview a year
ago.  It is using the special "Spotlight" content type in Drupal.  I'm
not really sure what that does though.  Tyler, perhaps you could comment?

I tried not publishing the page but it still showed up on the front page,
so I set the date back a couple years so it wouldn't be visible.

For formatting I just used "full html", and inserted <b>Q:</b> and
<b>A:</b> in front of questions and answers.  Do we want a more structured

Tyler, what process do we need to go through to have Bob and Micha given
content-creator priveledges in Drupal so they can work on spotlights?

Best regards,
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