[Webcom] OSGeo and internet domains

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Oct 11 13:23:29 EDT 2007


Does OSGeo have a clear policy with respect to registration and 
management of internet domain names? Should all OSGeo-related domains be 
owned and managed by OSGeo, or shoudl they be owned and managed by the 
OSGeo sub-entity (e.g. local chapter or conference committee) they 
relate to?

The French chapter is starting to get organized, and one of the 
questions that came up was the registration of the osgeo.fr domain. It's 
not clear whether anything would ever be hosted under osgeo.fr, but at a 
minimum we should get the domain and setup a redirection on it that 
sends visitors to the main French Chapter page on the osgeo.org servers.

My question is: should the osgeo.fr domain be registered and managed by 
OSGeo, or by the French Chapter members? And if OSGeo is the answer then 
who is the contact? Tyler?

Daniel Morissette

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