[Webcom] Motion: Add Wolf Bergenheim to WebCom

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Oct 18 19:47:00 EDT 2007

With 5 +1 votes (Tyler, Frank, Arnulf, Lorenzo, and me) in a 24 hour period I call this motion passed.
I will add Wolf to the committee page, and give him appropriate rights in Drupal.  Wolf, do you have an osgeo userid that you have logged into Drupal with?  If not, please set one up and, in either case, send me what it is offline.
Is there any objection to me filing a ticket with SAC to give him a shell account on osgeo2, write access to the web directory (do we have a special group set up for that?) and access to the MySQL instance?

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Subject: [Webcom] Motion: Add Wolf Bergenheim to WebCom

I hereby move that we add Wolf Bergenheim as a member of the OSGeo
WebSite Committee

+1 Jason

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