[Webcom] Motion: Add Wolf Bergenheim to WebCom

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Oct 18 19:58:33 EDT 2007

On 18-Oct-07, at 4:47 PM, Jason Birch wrote:

> Is there any objection to me filing a ticket with SAC to give him a  
> shell account on osgeo2, write access to the web directory (do we  
> have a special group set up for that?) and access to the MySQL  
> instance?

+1 on this...  There is no special group for web directory rights.   
It might be worth having, but I'm not too savvy with that.  If you  
can recommend such a thing, making it easier to give out than raw  
sudo, I think it would be good.  But I wouldn't let such a thing get  
in the way.


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