[Webcom] Upgrading Drupal to 5.3

Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Fri Oct 26 03:39:13 EDT 2007

Frank and others,

On 26.10.2007 07:27, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Wolf,
> I'm not clear on why "upgrade.osgeo.net".  Is this a pointer to the
> osgeo2 machine (test.osgeo.net)?   Why not just continue using the
> test.osgeo.net name?

Since the current test server contains stuff that isn't on the .org site
I thought that we could avoid bothering them, by using a different host
name, and a different directory & database on the server. Like the
moodle thing you told me about in IRC. I thought it would be best that
we simply leave it alone for the time being.

> I presume steps like "mirror upgrade.osgeo.net to osgeo.org (replace both
> database and files)" would be accomplished by dumping and loading the
> specify mysql database(s) used by mysql, not by copying the mysql
> tree, right?  There are non-drupal things using mysql.

That is correct. Dumping and loading the mysql db, and also transferring
all the Drupal 5.3 files, while blowing away all Drupal files on the
.org server.

> I trust the moodle issue is being kept track of in all this?  Also,
> Arnulf has been talking about doing Service Provider Directory work
> on test.osgeo.net, and an extra effort to ensure we don't step on
> anything there would be in order.

I have a set up like this for my Drupal sites:

One directory for each domain, like

(if we ever get more domains, like www.grass-gis.org it needs it's own
directory like)
/var/www/drupal which is a symlink to

The other directories symlink their content to the drupal (everything
except the files and images directories). That way each site can have
its own files and images. I also have a separate db for all sites. Then
again I only have one server. In our case test would be the same as www.
But this is not maybe really necessary, but would separate the files
directories and make them unique for each site. (which to my
understanding is what Tyler wants, right?) Also it would be good to have
a skeleton which could be copied to a new name when we need a new site.

This will require that the apache configs all point to different
DocumentRoots, but I assume that is not going to be a problem.

It seems like the moodle is totally separate from Drupal (I don't see
the integration module), so I suggest we put it to a new site,
moodle.osgeo.net or edu.osgeo.net

Also in the sites directory where we have one directory for each site,
we should also add a modules directory there, so that each site can have
a unique set of modules. Meaning that for instance I don't think that
GRASS needs the CiviCRM modules. Otoh it might be more trouble then its
worth to maintain. It just means that all sites will be able to see all
other modules.

One more thing about the directory structure. Let's try to keep the
module tar balls away from it. They clutter things up really bad. We
could store them in a separate /opt/drupal directory, for later reference.

One last important note about the other sites: ALL Drupal sites will
need to be upgraded, so we are going to need to run the update cycle on
each one. So am I right in assuming that we have 4 sites: osgeo, fdo and
mapbender. What about mapserver? To be able to do the upgrade I need to
take control of user/1 (admin) on all sites :/ (bold request, I know).

> Otherwise, if you were willing to make this all happen, then great!
> But it could be bad for you to run out of steam in the middle.

I'm willing to do all this and more! I find it to be fun and interesting
(since I don't do this for work [anymore]). I won't run out of steam as
long as we plan this throughly first. Preparation work such as
downloading the 5.3 source and all the modules can be commenced while we
plan. Not to mention the fact on what a bad rep it would give me ;)



<:3 )---- Wolf Bergenheim ----( 8:>

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