[Webcom] Upgrading Drupal to 5.3

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Oct 25 22:57:46 EDT 2007

Frank wrote:
I'm not clear on why "upgrade.osgeo.net".  Is this a pointer to the
osgeo2 machine (test.osgeo.net)?   Why not just continue using the
test.osgeo.net name?

I would suggest that it would make sense long-term, to have a "dev" website and a "test" website, each with their own databases.  This would allow the dev site to get out-of-sync as it needs to during heavy development, while retaining the ability to have a relatively fresh "test" site.  We could have automatic refreshes to the test site, which could be temporarily disabled when staging something from dev through to production.

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