[Webcom] Upgrading Drupal to 5.3

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Oct 26 00:27:22 EDT 2007

Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
> Hi
> This is how I recommend we upgrade osgeo.ORG website to drupal 5.3.
> 1) Back everything up on osgeo.org and .net, and create new
> upgrade.osgeo.net site
> 2) Update upgrade.osgeo.net content to match osgeo.org
> 3) Disable all non-core modules
> 4) Upgrade upgrade.osgeo.net to Drupal version 4.7.8 (it is now 4.7.4, I
> think)
> 5) Disable theme
> 6) Upgrade upgrade.osgeo.net to Drupal version 5.3
> 7) Install all modules we need, and re-enable them
> 8) Rebuild theme with new 5.3 theme engine (which ?)
> 9) Mirror upgrade.osgeo.net to osgeo.org (replace both database and files)
> I know it is a lot of steps, but I think it is the safest and least
> interfering way.


I'm not clear on why "upgrade.osgeo.net".  Is this a pointer to the
osgeo2 machine (test.osgeo.net)?   Why not just continue using the
test.osgeo.net name?

I presume steps like "mirror upgrade.osgeo.net to osgeo.org (replace both
database and files)" would be accomplished by dumping and loading the
specify mysql database(s) used by mysql, not by copying the mysql
tree, right?  There are non-drupal things using mysql.

I trust the moodle issue is being kept track of in all this?  Also,
Arnulf has been talking about doing Service Provider Directory work
on test.osgeo.net, and an extra effort to ensure we don't step on
anything there would be in order.

Otherwise, if you were willing to make this all happen, then great!
But it could be bad for you to run out of steam in the middle.

Best regards,
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