[Webcom] Upgrading Drupal to 5.3

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Oct 25 20:21:26 EDT 2007

Tyler said:
> If you want to start on some of these steps, I fully support it -
> at least getting us up to step 8 :)

I think the whole plan is great, and have no opinion on theme engines.
It does mean that either:
 - the site will be non-updatable for an extended(?) period of time while module and custom code upgrades are figured out, etc., or...
 - the upgrades will have to be done to the database twice, once during trial, and again when upgrade pattern is established.
If we choose the former, is there a way to bring up the service provider directory and recreate the theme (and any other components that might take a lot of work) before going ahead with the prod->test->prod  cycle?
In any case, I'm OK with either of these, especially since we are likely to get more content coming onto the site once its upgraded and Wolf makes it easier/better/faster ;)
(I think I hear Frank cringing...)
I take it that you're coordinating with SAC on upgrades, etc?

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