[SAC] Re: [Webcom] Upgrading Drupal to 5.3

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sun Oct 28 10:46:15 EDT 2007

Wolf Bergenheim wrote:
> I have created a wiki page [1] where I have written a verbose upgrade
> plan. Please comment! Also if anyone has the password for the 'admin'
> user in our Drupal sites, I'd appreciate it if it could be sent to me in
> some way, otherwise I'll have to hack in a new password during the
> upgrade. (SQL update table) ;)


Get the admin password from Tyler when he is available.  The plan looks ok
based on a skim from me.  I have linked the plan from the SAC and WebCom pages
and added the corresponding category items at the bottom.

How long do you anticipate osgeo1 being locked up?  If it will be more than
a day or two, I'd suggest trying to do it in two passes.  Clone osgeo1's
config on osgeo2, upgrade it and then when you are happy with it, lock
osgeo1 - reclone the content from osgeo1 to osgeo2 again, verify and port
it all back to osgeo1.

For the sake of content creators we would prefer osgeo1 to not be locked
down for too long.

Process-wise, I'd suggest you get the plan approved by webcom by email
motion (with perhaps a little more timeline detail first), get an ok from
Howard on behalf of SAC (but without a vote really needed), and make sure
that the mapbender, mapguide, and fdo folks are kept aware of the plans and

> The DNS changes are prominently displayed on the top of the preliminary
> tasks. Do I need to make a trac ticket? Who is responsible for Apache?
> WebCom or SAC?

If you want to do the changes, I'd suggest just making sure that Howard
or Shawn have reviewed your plan, and review the configuration post
change.  Alternately you could file a trac ticket against SAC to add the
CNAMEs and get Shawn or Howard to do it.

I think of SAC as being responsible for anything that needs to be done
by logging in by ssh, and webcom as anything that can be done through
drupal but part of the rationale on my part for having you a full SAC
member is so that details of who is responsible for these borderline
items will not matter.  You are empowered by both committees to do what
needs to be done.

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