[Webcom] [OSGeo] #201: Replace SPD self registration with moderated registration

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Wed Feb 6 17:50:06 EST 2008

#201: Replace SPD self registration with moderated registration
Reporter:  warmerdam  |       Owner:  webcom at lists.osgeo.org
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 Per discussion with Arnulf it is proposed that we move from self-
 registration for the Service Provider Directory to a moderated approach.
 The intent is to improve the quality of entry and give a chance for
 interaction with service providers.

 Basically we would setup a mailing list with one or more SPD editors.
 Folks wanting to be listed would email this list with their request and
 details.  An SPD editor would then create (or update) the corresponding
 SPD entry.  If there are concerns about the accurancy or appropriateness
 of the proposed entry it would be discussed on this spd mailing list.

 In addition to agreeing to this change in approach, some changes in the
 PHP (and possibly the database) would be needed to remove general self-
 registration, to disassociate SPD entries from osgeo userids (presumably)
 and to allow SPD editors to add and update entries.

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