[Webcom] [OSGeo] #202: i18n problems with news and community spot lights

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Thu Feb 7 08:14:03 EST 2008

#202: i18n problems with news and community spot lights
Reporter:  arnulf  |       Owner:  webcom at lists.osgeo.org
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 Community spotlights and news react unexpected when switching locales. I
 am only guessing but this might be due to having used different i18n
 modules in the lifetime of the web site plus one upgrade to a newer
 version. I have no solution.

 Community spotlights and news appear differently depending on whether I am
 logged in (with editor role) or logged out.

 We have to keep in mind that translation is being done by a growing bunch
 of people who have little or no technical background. We need this to be
 bullet proof and we need well defined processes on how to create
 translations and whether or how to translate news / community spotlights,

 Do we expect different News on the German language pages than on the
 English one? Translate all or show all in their original language
 regardless of locale?

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