[Webcom] Edit Login for www.osgeo.org

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Fri Jan 18 13:55:24 EST 2008

Is anyone else on Webcom interested, willing or able to handle these  
kinds of minor drupal admin tasks? :)   I will take care of them  
otherwise, but it's a good way to get to know certain parts of Drupal.

Arnulf, your "older" account predates when we used LDAP, so it fails  
now, since we _only_ authenticate against LDAP now.  There's a job  
for someone who wants to see who else fails? :)

I updated your old account so it authenticates against LDAP, so you  
can keep your same username, profile, permissions, etc.  Please test  
it.  I deactivated your new one.


On 18-Jan-08, at 9:50 AM, Arnulf Christl wrote:

> Hello,
> my account was moved, I am now #106. This account does not have  
> edit permission. Can you please change that. Thank you.
> Best regards, Arnulf. _______________________________________________

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