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Jacolin Yves yjacolin at free.fr
Tue Jun 3 09:39:45 EDT 2008

Le Tuesday 03 June 2008 08:55:21 Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo), vous avez écrit :
> Good question Jason, thanks for the comments... more below...
> On 2-Jun-08, at 10:06 PM, Jason Birch wrote:
> > Depends on what the polls are going to be used for.
> > ...
> > If they're just to be used to guide marketing efforts or give us a
> > better sense of how we're doing, then that's fine.
> Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too.
> > Personal opinion on web polls aside (sort-of), there are some
> > practical questions that need to be answered.
> >
> > Do you have a maintenance plan for this software?  Is it just a
> > Drupal plugin, or is it another application that someone in SAC has
> > to take responsibility for?  Is there someone willing to do so?
> I'd only aim for Drupal-based stuff since several of us know it now
> and it's simple to maintain.  Keep in mind that I don't feel SAC
> hasn't had much maintenance work to do around the main Drupal
> instance too - apart from Wolf recently and Kanhaiya earlier on.
> I didn't intentionally separate this discussion from the earlier one
> I started about building a community site, but the polling question
> came up and got me thinking about it again.  So, I'm wondering if
> someone might be willing or interested to help see such a site
> happen.  I know a couple people that are - I'm not sure if they are
> on this list, so I will follow up.  I'm certainly not interested in
> making this a personal mission - though I personally see the value.
> > I'm not in favour of turning anything officially up on
> > community.osgeo.net without:
> >
> > - clear support from some SAC members for this site
> > - clear guidance / plan from Marketing on the site's role
> > - people that have time to make it a true community site and not
> > just another fragmentation of OSGeo's web presense.
> I can agree with this and started a braindump including pros and cons
> at:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Community_Site
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Here some though about all of this.

I am working on a Local Representation of OSGeo (francophone's one), I 
definitively need some application to manage this community:
* election of the Local chapter board ;
* survey Francophone community (see 
http://osgeo.gloobe.org/sondage2/index.php?sid=32933&lang=fr for example)
* Library files (see http://www.osgeo.org/Library, some french presentation 
are available)
* managing francophone members of the future legal association of the OSGeo-fr 
* a lot of some others tasks to do ;)

This is really a problem for me, and I need to find a solution. As you can see 
I am setting up some applications to create surveyor (limeSurveyor), and we 
will use it for election next week. But this is not a good solution. This is 
good to separate all the community, and it seems a wrong way to me ;)

Furtermore, in july, Francophone legal association will be createb and members 
will have to be registered ...

As you can see, it seems important to me to allow local chapter to manage 
their community with a common interface.

I know that setting up several interface/application could be confusing, and 
we need to seperate clearly all this application :
* official web site (osgeo.org) : all information links to the OSGeo fundation
* community web site (community.osgeo.net) : all works link to local chapter ?
* wiki : working area for interaction between members

Finally I agree about the importance to write some guidance, etc.


Y. (hope you will understand its english ;) )
Yves Jacolin

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