[Webcom] Restructuring the wiki

Dave Patton davep at confluence.org
Mon Jun 16 10:45:49 EDT 2008

On 2008/06/16 1:22 AM, Milo van der Linden wrote:

> I would like to bring in a proposal for restructuring by:
> - - Creating a solid base of categories. I set up a proposal for this that
> I would like to discuss. The pdf can be found here:
> <http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Image:Osgeo_wiki_structure_proposal_draft.pdf>

There are currently over 70 Categories in use
in the wiki. Are you proposing to reduce that
down to just the ones listed in your PDF?

What is a "meeting"? For example, would a meeting
of an organizing committee for FOSS4G be listed
under the relevant FOSS4G category, under the
"Meeting" category, or both?

Should subcategories be part of the restructuring?
For example, for FOSS4G2008, there is a subcategory
of FOSS4G2008 Workshops:
For example, Events as a Category, with subcategories:
- Events
-- .....
-- .....
--- FOSS4G2006
--- FOSS4G2007
--- FOSS4G2008
---- FOSS4G2008 Workshops
--- FOSS4G2009
--- .....
-- .....

Should some pages and categories be renamed, for consistency?
For example, decide whether FOSS4G pages have a space between
"FOSS4G" and the year. For example, for FOSS4G 2009, the
category is "FOSS4G2009", but all the page titles use a
space before the year:

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