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#212: Make Event Submission Easier/Obvious
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Changes (by arnulf):

 * cc: arnulf (added)


 The page http://www.osgeo.org/events should be cleaned (remove
 "deprecated") and instructions how event proposals work (see below) should
 be added. This page should also link to both the archive (I suggest the
 Wiki) and to the current calendar at http://www.osgeo.org/event

 A corresponding Wiki page describes event management here:

 Including details on how to propose a new event:

 We could copy this to a new page to make it more obvious?

 If people follow this process it should be possible to track everything
 through the categories:

 It is not clearly defined how events in the Wiki tagged as "Events" later
 magically appear in the portal calendar. Currently this is a pull job for
 WebCom which is probably not a good idea. Maybe we should instead make
 this a push job of the Event Owner:

 I leave this ticket open as I am not sure whether this is what you were
 looking for.

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