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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon May 5 12:38:15 EDT 2008

Jason Birch wrote:
> 5) I wouldn't mind seeing a link on the sidebar to "Incubating Projects"
> (and a separate page set up for them) and the existing links to these
> projects removed.  This would provide incentive for incubating projects
> to move through the process as quickly as possible.  Additionally, and
> this is a Marketing issue not WebCom, I think that incubating projects
> should have at most a slot on a single sheet flyer for Incubating
> Projects at any official OSGeo presence rather than a full page.


Well, I think there are some points to hammer out here. :-)

I don't think it is Webcom or Marketting's responsibility to provide
prods for projects to get through incubation.  If we segregate them
on the web site it should be because we think it is valuable to our
visitors for them to understand which projects are considered "fully
vetted" vs. those that are not.

I see no reason not to have full one page info sheets for projects
in incubation as a hand out at conferences.

I think it would be a disservice to the projects, and our visitors to
relegate incubating projects to some secondary page that would be
rarely visited.

PS. Thursday at 10:00PDT is fine with me, though a reminder near the
time would be valued.

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