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Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon May 5 13:42:59 EDT 2008

I agree that incubation is out-of-mandate for WebCom; I'm just voicing
my under-informed opinion, and I guess I should limit this to the

It looks like most of the projects have moved forwards with incubation
without additional incentive, so I guess prodding isn't needed.  I could
name one incubating project that doesn't even have a link to OSGeo on
its main website though :)

I do think that it's important to indicate to the public which projects
have gained OSGeo's official "seal of approval".  The whole point of
incubation is to ensure that the projects are of a quality that we can
recommend them without reservation.  We're in an odd state right
now--with most incubating projects are already incredibly mature so
there isn't a lot of risk there--but I don't see this continuing
forever.  It is a disservice to the public not to differentiate between
incubating and graduated projects, and I think that this is more
important than giving the projects equal footing.


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From: Frank Warmerdam
Subject: Re: [Webcom] Foundation / Community / Projects Boxes

I don't think it is Webcom or Marketting's responsibility to provide
prods for projects to get through incubation.  If we segregate them
on the web site it should be because we think it is valuable to our
visitors for them to understand which projects are considered "fully
vetted" vs. those that are not.

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