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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon May 5 19:06:51 EDT 2008

Sound like sensible suggestions to me.
I also feel that news should be current, or not there are all.
One way to address this technically might be to harvest subset feeds 
from planet.osgeo.org or slashgeo. Eg: People could tag their blogs with 
"osgeonews" or similar.

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Folks,
> I feel that the "major boxes" around our web site are evolving
> somewhat haphazardly.
> I would like to suggest:
> 1) removing the "OSGeo Download Server" link because it links to only
>    a subset of project downloads, and I think project downloads are best
>    found from the project page.  If we keep it, at least rename it to
>    "Downloads" so it doesn't force a multi-line entry.
> 2) I don't think that "Logos" is important enough to appear on the
>    "OSGeo Foundation" list.
> 3) I think we should have info on RSS News feeds in the first paragraph
>    at http://www.osgeo.org/news_items instead of the link in the
>    OSGeo Community block.  Potentially a link to the news_item page
>    should appear in the Community block though we already have the "more"
>    link on the main page.
> 4) I think we need links to a few of the key committees with some outward
>    focus in the Foundation block, notably "Marketting" and "Incubation".
>    Currently these can only be found by drilling down through "About
>    the Foundation", and then to "Committees".  I might also be inclined
>    to move the public geodata committee there from the projects box.
> 5) I'm not really keen on marking projects in incubation on the main 
> page.
>    At the very least, if we do this, we should make "in incubation" a
>    link to the incubation committee page so folks have a clue what 
> this means.
>    But to me it is clutter.
> I would be happy to make any/all of the above changes, but I don't 
> want to
> do it without some consensus or we are likely to keep changing and 
> rechanging.
> I would like to gentle encourage our chair to hold an IRC meeting to 
> discuss
> these, and perhaps other issues that folks would like to raise.
> Best regards,

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