[Webcom] deegree@OSGeo website questions

Dr. Markus Lupp lupp at lat-lon.de
Wed May 14 21:17:48 EDT 2008

Dear OSGeo web site committee.

as some of you might know, deegree started OSGeo incubation on May 2. I 
now need some help regarding website issues and was directed by Tyler to 
this list. Hope you can help me and here are my questions:

1. info page for http://www.osgeo.org/deegree: An OpenOffice-Document 
with all relevant information and two screenshots  (all developed and 
approved by the deegree PSC) can be found at:
Feedback on this is welcome.

2. On http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Deegree_Incubation_Status I found the 
question if deegree.osgeo.org is populated with a web presence. Can you 
guys help me on doing this?

3. I also found that downloads should be available from 
http://download.osgeo.org - again, can you help here?

Thanks and best regards,

Markus (L.)

Dr. Markus Lupp
l a t / l o n  GmbH
Kupang-NTT, Indonesia
phone +62 (0)81 339 431666

On June 17 is deegree day - Am 17. Juni ist deegree day


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