[Webcom] Stuck on Website Migration

Tyler Mitchell tmitchell at osgeo.org
Tue Nov 8 15:52:29 EST 2011

Hi all, I've been working on migrating the main www.osgeo.org sites over to new infrastructure 
but realise it's more than I can realistically handle at this point in time, mostly because we 
currently run Drupal v5 and I can't handle the migration to a new server, plus upgrade to v6 or v7,
plus implement new theming as well as new content...

What I've been able to do:
* Put up a skeleton of the site at www3.osgeo.org using the new theme (Drupal v6)
* Put up a raw copy of the site at www2.osgeo.org - without a proper front page or full use 
of the new theme (Drupal v6)
* Put up a basic copy of a Drupal v7 site at http://www-new.osgeo.org/ with parts of the 
redesigned theme (v7) in action

1. Moving FDO and MGOS sites as well
2. Deciding on v6 or v7 site
3. Some modules between v5 and v6 and v7 aren't available
4. Can't get LDAP module in v6 or v7 working
5. Can't get SSL running properly for secure logins
6. New theme requires some new content to be created, as outlined at 
http://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/marketing/website/sitemap/sitemap.svg (green links are
existing content, black are new ones that are needed)

More issues have popped up but these are the main ones.  I have limited time available 
to help with this so am just putting it on your radar as an area where someone else needs to 
"own" the website as a project or a broader community review of the website needs (along 
with new solutions/ideas) may be in order.

If you are interest/available to take this over, I suggest to introduce yourself and your interest 
on the webcom or SAC lists.  I'm available for questions but have limited time to do much
technical work at this point.


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