[Webcom] Stuck on Website Migration

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Nov 8 16:46:58 EST 2011

On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 1:16 PM, Milo van der Linden <milo at dogodigi.net> wrote:
> Hello webcom,
> I would like to help, but I think it is important, when you ask for
> help, to work in small chunks.
> 1. First of all, a technological decision needs to be made: v6 or v7.
> then volunteers know what they are up against


I'd suggest we (webcom and interested folks) should have an IRC
meeting to try and reach some closure on the decisions to be made.

Tyler - it would be helpful if you could prepare a web page with the
decisons to be made, technical problems, and rationales.

> 2. The selected skeleton needs to be put online on an accessible place.
> 3. The skeleton needs to be put in svn so developers can download it
> and work on it.

I'm not convinced that we should be mixing in svn for the web site
material.  If we are working with Drupal it is partly to avoid the
complexity of svn and similar source control technologies for the
web site.  It also isn't obvious that we can move stuff back and forth
in a practical way.

This also seems to imply that we are going to need to go over all
the pages and somehow redo them.  I'm not sure that is the case.

> 4. A TRAC environment needs to be set up. with tickets filed for every
> chunk that needs fixing (f.i. LDAP, SSL, Design, localization, mods
> and so on)

I will note that we normally use the OSGeo Trac instance with the
"Web Site" component for web site related tickets.  I would suggest
we stick with this to the extent we need tracking.


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