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Wolf Bergenheim wolf+grass at bergenheim.net
Tue Nov 8 20:38:56 EST 2011

Hi Milo,

Good suggestions I'll reply more below.

On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 22:16, Milo van der Linden <milo at dogodigi.net> wrote:

> Hello webcom,
> I would like to help, but I think it is important, when you ask for
> help, to work in small chunks.

This is very good. I can certainly help answer questions, and the Drupal
community is also very helpful.

> 1. First of all, a technological decision needs to be made: v6 or v7.
> then volunteers know what they are up against

As indicated in my previous mail, I would *highly* recommend to going to D7
directly. It will mean probably a bit more work, but I think we will win in
the long run as We don't need to do the D7 upgrade. But once it's done it's
important to start tracking D7 and keeping the site up-to-date. We need a

> 2. The selected skeleton needs to be put online on an accessible place.

Agreed. Perhaps a content-sprint would be in order?

> 3. The skeleton needs to be put in svn so developers can download it
> and work on it.

Um, no. Drupal doesn't work that way. The content remains on the CMS in a
database. Another option could be to use some other CMS, but that might
require even more work.

> 4. A TRAC environment needs to be set up. with tickets filed for every
> chunk that needs fixing (f.i. LDAP, SSL, Design, localization, mods
> and so on)

That is an excellent idea! We already have a track set up for OSGeo itesl,
and IIRC that includes a category for the website. Could you check?

5. Volunteers sign up for a chunk and start working on it.

Sounds good. They can work on a page at a time without needing to publish
it until it is ready. It should still be viewable but not available without
logging in to the site.

> 6. They commit and Tyler can check and merge.
Um no. 1) I don't think he has time to review every change, plus there is
no SVN / version control for drupal, unless you count what they have

Would that be a good idea? Or am I completely out of my mind?
> ;-)
Good ideas, but the version control thing will quickly become ungainly, I


2011/11/8 Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>:
> Tyler / webcom,
> Did we make a decision to go to the new theming?  I had assumed
> there would be a vote or something before that happened.  Certainly
> anyone pushing to go to the new theme had better be prepared to
> fill in the missing content implied by the new theme.  I am personally
> not keen on it though it is visually appealing.
> Given the technical challenges of migrating our existing capabilities
> I am wondering what the downside is of just migrating what we have
> now on the existing version of Drupal.  In particular, I don't really want
> the Service Provider Directory being lost because we lack the experience
> to migrate the custom work to a new Drupal version.
> I also don't want to lose the work folks have done on translations
> I understood there is some complexity around translation mechanisms
> in the new Drupal - is that right?
> I have an interest in the website and am willing to do some work on
> it, but I'm not a big Drupal guy so I am not in a position to do stuff
> is complicated.
> Best regards,
> On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 12:52 PM, Tyler Mitchell <tmitchell at osgeo.org>
>> Hi all, I've been working on migrating the main www.osgeo.org sites over
to new infrastructure
>> but realise it's more than I can realistically handle at this point in
time, mostly because we
>> currently run Drupal v5 and I can't handle the migration to a new
server, plus upgrade to v6 or v7,
>> plus implement new theming as well as new content...
>> What I've been able to do:
>> * Put up a skeleton of the site at www3.osgeo.org using the new theme
(Drupal v6)
>> * Put up a raw copy of the site at www2.osgeo.org - without a proper
front page or full use
>> of the new theme (Drupal v6)
>> * Put up a basic copy of a Drupal v7 site at http://www-new.osgeo.org/with parts of the
>> redesigned theme (v7) in action
>> Challenges:
>> 1. Moving FDO and MGOS sites as well
>> 2. Deciding on v6 or v7 site
>> 3. Some modules between v5 and v6 and v7 aren't available
>> 4. Can't get LDAP module in v6 or v7 working
>> 5. Can't get SSL running properly for secure logins
>> 6. New theme requires some new content to be created, as outlined at
>> http://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/marketing/website/sitemap/sitemap.svg (green
links are
>> existing content, black are new ones that are needed)
>> More issues have popped up but these are the main ones.  I have limited
time available
>> to help with this so am just putting it on your radar as an area where
someone else needs to
>> "own" the website as a project or a broader community review of the
website needs (along
>> with new solutions/ideas) may be in order.
>> If you are interest/available to take this over, I suggest to introduce
yourself and your interest
>> on the webcom or SAC lists.  I'm available for questions but have
limited time to do much
>> technical work at this point.
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