[Webcom] Link OSGeo projects to OSGeoLive Project Overviews

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Jun 26 05:00:37 PDT 2013

Hi Cameron,

As much as I think the OSGeo-Live project is wonderful, let's make sure
that we send osgeo.org readers directly to where they want to go when
they click on a project link: to the project's homepage.


On 2013-06-25 5:54 PM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> All,
> I recommend that the list of OSGeo Projects listed at http://osgeo.org
> should link to OSGeo-Live Project Overviews.
> Currently they link to either outdated OSGeo pages for the project, or
> the projects' home page.
> The OSGeo-Live Project Overviews provide a consistent description of all
> projects, are updated every 6 months, and also provides links to a
> Quickstart for each project as well.
> I'm happy to do the updating, if someone can provide me with suitable
> permissions, and point me in the right direction.

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