[webmap-discuss] Cross-project browser based webmapping workshop for FOSS4G

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Fri Apr 14 06:36:57 EDT 2006

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> I'm planning to submit the following abstract for a FOSS4G Workshop.
> Could you please let me know if your project intends to have someone at 
> the workshop (so I can add it to the list below).
> ---
> This workshop aims to bring together representatives from browser based 
> webmapping clients to discuss opportunities to share code and interfaces.
> In Open Source, we have the advantage that we can share code with our 
> competitors.  There are a lot of talented software developers spreading 
> themselves across a range of webmapping applications - all of which have 
> similar functionality.  This workshop aims to identify common libraries 
> that can be factored out from our projects and spread development across 
> our developer community.
> The workshop will cover:
> * Brief presentation of each project's design, features and use cases.
> * Discussion around a white board identifying common code.
> * Identification of libraries and interfaces to be factored out and shared.
> We expect representatives from the following projects:
> * Mapbuilder
> * Mapbender
> * ka-map?
> * Open Layers?
> * Worldkit ?
> * CivicMaps ?

Hi Cameron,
yes we are interested and I am pretty sure that we will manage to have 
someone form the core team to represent Mapbender in your proposed 
workshop. My self has the same problem as Paul. Maybe the organizing 
committee will manage to align web mapping workshops sequentially so 
that we can attend them all. Experience with organizing this kind of 
events shows that there are limits to this kind of scheduling special 
focus of interest.

It might me a good idea to start a web map client typology page in the 
Wiki describing the general architecture in dry words. This will help to 
finding out how and where to cooperate.


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