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From: CHAPUIS Bertil <Bertil.Chapuis at heig-vd.ch>
Date: Dec 6, 2006 8:33 PM
Subject: [OpenLayers-Dev] Advanced GIS functionnalities
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We (at Camptocamp SA) are very impressed about the interactivity of OpenLayers.

We are seriously thinking of using the OL API with advanced GIS server
functionalities. Our experience with CartoWeb development could bring
a lot to the OL community.

Advanced GIS functionnalities may include:

- Customizable layer (one image with several sub layers)
- Advanced search queries with complex highlighting on the result images
- Routing
- And more...

Are there already investigations to standardize the communication
between the client and the server (XML, JSON, WFS, WPS, ...) ?
Javascript often needs proxy severs to use Web services. So we think
now would be a good time to discuss how to efficiently use the server.


The Camptocamp team
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