Map Width/Height defined as a percentage in OWS Context

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at
Wed Dec 6 16:32:01 EST 2006

Am I right in understanding that WMC and OWS Context always specify Map 
Size in fixed coordinates. Eg:

     <Window width="600" height="300"/>

With modern webmapping clients these days, maps are set to fit within 
the HTML <DIV> element that encloses them.
So what would work better for the context is to set window size as:

     <Window width="100%" height="100%"/>

The Area of Interest would then need to be calculated to fit the 
specified BoundingBox. (We need to make the assumption that users don't 
want to stretch images).

Could you please add this to your OWS Context issues to address/discuss.

Cameron Shorter

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