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Steven M. Ottens steven.ottens at
Thu Dec 14 06:32:37 EST 2006

Hi all,

I'm wondering how to solve the following problem:
I've got a mapbuilder/mapserver setup where mapserver is setup with
relative paths, if I request a capabilities doc:
I'm talking directly to mapserver and it gives me a capabilities doc
with content-type:
application/ogc.vnd.wms_xml which my browser does not understand as xml.
So my XmlHttpRequest bails out with a no XMLResponse error and
mapbuilder cannot parse the capabilities doc.

I'm not sure why mapserver returns this content-type, as far as I know
this is not supported by most browsers (IE). FF1.5 is slightly smarter,
it recognises the <?xml first line and parses the the doc anyway, but I
end up with a namespaces hell for some odd reason.

The usual solution for mapbuilder is to use a proxy which sets the
content type to text/xml and everything works fine. However for my
particular setup I cannot use the proxy, so I rebuild mapserver with a
hardcoded content-type 'text/xml'.

My questions to you all are:
-anyone came across this problem before?
-is there a way to make browsers understand application/ogc.vnd.wms_xml?
-is it possible to set mapserver's content-type to text/xml
-if not WHY NOT?


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