Further to context meeting - JSON

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 20:04:16 EST 2006

I humbly appologise for missing the Context meeting. I had my head stuck 
in code and lost track of time.

I suggest adding another issue to:

(What is the protocol here - should I just add comments to the page myself?)

There has been discussion amongst web developers (in particular 
OpenLayers) about using JSON instead of XML for passing data between 
JSON is much easier to process that XML for web based clients, 
particularly for some of the fring browsers which have limited AJAX support.

I'd like to see the OGC:
1. Recognise JSON as a legitimate alternative to XML that can be 
included in Capabilities documents.
2. Provide guidance on how to convert an XML based specification to  JSON.
3. Sponsor a test bed with client/servers which both use JSON.

Cameron Shorter

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