Introducing OpenLayers v1.0

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at
Thu Jun 29 09:29:32 EDT 2006

OpenLayers is an BSD-licensed pure JavaScript API for building map
applications on the Web. OpenLayers offer offers the ability to
display a number of different types of data in a configurable mapping

On behalf of the OpenLayers development team, I have the honor and 
pleasure of presenting version 1.0 of OpenLayers.

1.0 Release API URL:
Latest Stable API URL:
1.0 Release Tarball:

You can see some example OpenLayers applications here:

The 1.0 release includes support for display of:
  * Markers
  * Popups
  * Tiled WMS Images 
  * WFS Results (as points)
  * Textual (tab-seperated) data

Development continues at a fast pace. Currently, the development
branch of OpenLayers supports:
  * ka-Map data
  * WorldWind data
  * Untiled WMS Requests
  * GeoRSS data

Our next release will support drawing and reprojection of vector data on

  * Google Maps
  * Yahoo Maps
  * Microsoft Virtual Earth

One of the many goals of OpenLayers is to allow users to use one API,
and one look and feel, but display data from any source. To that end, we
have created a system which allows for any data provider to create their
own layers to be displayed alongside any others in OpenLayers. The API
is inspired by the Google Maps API, designed to make the simple things
easy, and the difficult things possible. 

Development of OpenLayers is currently funded in part by MetaCarta:

Please give OpenLayers a whirl and let us know what you think!

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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