zoomlevels in OWSContext?

Steven M. Ottens steven.ottens at geodan.nl
Fri Jun 30 07:55:20 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm pondering how to store fixed zoom levels in Mapbuilder. Google has
them hardcoded in their code, but that only works if you control both
the client and the server (like google does). We could also put
hardcoded zoomLevels, but that would force the servers to adept to the
client. I prefer to make it configurable, but a problem is that
different servers can have different zoomLevels.
Currently we store out layers in a WMC document, but we're switching to
OWSContext to allow for more types of layers then just WMS layers. Since
the zoom levels are depending on the server, it makes sense to me to
store these levels in OWSContext.
Are there any OWSContext experts around who can tell me if that's
already in the standard, if not, what would be a proper place and name
for such a thing?

Also are there ideas how to solve the problem of having different layers
with different zoom levels. It is a problem which we all are going to
face at one point or another and it might be a good idea to have a
similar solution to this problem to increase mergability.


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