[webmap-discuss] zoomlevels in OWSContext?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Fri Jun 30 09:49:10 EDT 2006

Steven M. Ottens wrote:
> Currently we store out layers in a WMC document, but we're switching to
> OWSContext to allow for more types of layers then just WMS layers. Since
> the zoom levels are depending on the server, it makes sense to me to
> store these levels in OWSContext.
> Are there any OWSContext experts around who can tell me if that's
> already in the standard, 

No, that's not part of the OWSContext schema. I participated in the OWS 
Context IE and don't remember the question of storing multiple zoom 
levels even being raised at all. Note that WMS doesn't support the 
concept of fixed zoom levels either, so before multiple zoom levels can 
be added to OWS Context some work will be required upstream in WMS.

> if not, what would be a proper place and name
> for such a thing?

If I remember correctly an extension mechanism was included in the 
schema that could possibly be used for that. I think Tom Kralidis would 
be the best one to answer on this. I CC'd him in case he is not on this 

Daniel Morissette

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