[ZOO-Discuss] ZOO Kernel 1.0 Release

nicolas bozon nicolas.bozon at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 13:48:45 PDT 2010

Dear ZOO Tribe,

We are glad to announce the ZOO Kernel 1.0 release under the terms of a
MIT/X-11 style license.
This release comes with the ZOO API (also under MIT) and some sample ZOO

ZOO Source code is available for download on svn since Tuesday, April 13th
Please have a look here:

Our official website http://zoo-project.org is currently being updated, and
a Trac system has been integrated for collaborative work.
Existing Trac accounts have been saved, If you dont' have one please feel
free to register ( http://zoo-project.org/trac/register) and participate.

Some basic ZOO Documentation is already available on ZOO Kernel installation
and ZOO services deployment on the website.
An effort must now be pushed on more detailed documentation, which has
started here:

ZOO also has a Twitter now !

Hope you will enjoy playing with the ZOO

Best regards,

Nicolas BOZON
Gérald FENOY
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