[ZOO-PSC] ZOO-Project server is down

Gérald Fenoy gerald.fenoy at geolabs.fr
Tue Jun 12 01:03:47 PDT 2012

thanks a lot for the feedbacks. I noticed that the web site is running again.

I would like to thanks Osaka City University for all the effort they made to get the web site running and to host the ZOO-Project for the past three years.

If I remember well, Markus proposed in the past to host a ZOO-Project web site mirror. I know that there is only few issue using the current ZOO-Project infrastructure but I wonder if don't have to think to get a backup somewhere else.

Maybe we can also think to migrate everything to git as other project does. I'm a bit old school and still think that "the old pipe gives the sweetest smoke" but I noticed that many OSGeo projects (among all the mapserver one) are migrating to git so maybe it is good time to consider this option too.

Hope to hear from you,
Best regards,

On Sun, 10 Jun 2012 18:29:52 +0200
nicolas bozon <nicolas.bozon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Hayashi-san warn me yesterday evening that our server was down.
> Bomp-san went to incubator to restart server today. But still the server is
> down and the website isn't acessible.
> Haysahi-san also think it is may be due to OCU network maintenance.
> Yoshida-san, did you hear about something there may be ?
> If server and website aren't up by tommorow afternoon, i'll probably write
> an email to zoo-discuss to inform the tribe and apologize for the
> inconvinience.
> Best,
> Nick

Gérald Fenoy <gerald.fenoy at geolabs.fr>

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