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Mon Feb 7 22:57:48 EST 2011

MPG wrote: "What are people working on?"

I've been learning WiX. I'd like top create an installer for OpenJUMP with it.

I'm also writing some Visual Basic code to manage stand-alone point
databases from CAD.


On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 4:04 AM, Dan Weaver <danofweaver at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> - What are people working on?
> Using MapWindow and DotNet to model epidemiology- specifically polio
> 1916 NE US.
> I’ve been working on Kohonen neural networks for some years and have
> created a MapWindow plugin to help visualise and analyse highly
> dimensional, multi-temporal data.
>  - What problems are people facing in the .NET open source world?
> I’ve had five years programming experience now and still find the
> conduits for learning this stuff extremely convoluted.
> MapWindow help resources are very good and there are some solid
> examples around but I’d love to see more very basic examples for using
> each method and property.
> OS GIS appeals greatly to those who recognise that the problems we now
> face require an approach that encompasses all manner of skills and
> knowledge domains. For this reason basic customization approaches need
> to be more accessible.
> Microsoft’s online usage examples generally give the code for a
> ‘build-planet’ style method without skimping on the detail. I’d like
> to see more videos of performing common tasks step- by- step as this
> prevents the storyteller missing out some step that is obvious to a
> seasoned programmer but not to others.
> One wonderful thing about OS is the quality of forum posts; on
> MapWindow community I’ve noticed that answerers refrain from turning
> the thread into a battleground and usually come up with an
> understandable explanation- well done MapWindow people!
> Warm regards to all, don’t forget the last line in the following:
> While Not TaskComplete
> {
> encounter problem;
> solve;
> pat self on back;
> }
> Dan Weaver
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> On 2 February 2011 19:16, Michael P. Gerlek <mpg at flaxen.com> wrote:
>> This list hasn't seen any action lately, so I'll try to start something...
>>  - What are people working on?
>>  - Is anyone going to the Montreal code sprint next month?
>>  - What problems are people facing in the .NET open source world?
>> My responses:
>> - I've just pushed the first release of SlimDXControl
>> (slimdxcontrol.codeplex.com), a WPF control which hides all the messiness of
>> the infamous D3DImage control, so you can more easily do DirectX/D3D10
>> graphics inside of a WPF app.
>> - I'll be attending the Montreal sprint, working on liblas (www.liblas.org)
>> stuff.  It's C++, but I'm adding C# bindings as we go along.  Lidar is k00l.
>> - I've left my old job and am freelancing these days, aiming to specialize
>> in helping people at the intersection of {open source, geo, C#/.NET}.  I see
>> a lot of people in the .NET world who could use open source alternatives,
>> but as they often come from the "traditional" Microsoft world they aren't as
>> used to the dynamics of the communities we play in nor are they familiar
>> with how to find the domain-specific packages that could help them, e.g. geo
>> stuff.  Any ideas how can we help out here?
>> -mpg
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