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This is how I would also define a "liability", it would be recorded at the time the commitment is made, not when the cash was disbursed.

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Actually in these cases - the funds are allocated for contracting when
the sponsorship is committed - even before the actual contracts are
signed. So I'm not a finance expert -- but I believe we should be
identifying it as a liability since the project can issue a contract
for this at any time.

Ken - does this make sense to you?


On 9-Jul-08, at 12:39 PM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Dave McIlhagga wrote:
>> Hi Tyler,
>> I've been through the documentation - the one thing I'm not clear
>> on is our cash vs income situation. I'm not certain -- but it seems
>> like these numbers reflect the cash side rather than income? For
>> instance -- there is significant income from project sponsors (for
>> GDAL) but no indication of a liability for future contracting that
>> OSGeo is on the hook for. There may be other examples like this
>> that I'm not aware of.
>> Could you provide some clarity on this? Although cashflow
>> management is important -- for a clear view of health and
>> sustainability of the organization (especially in an annual
>> report), it's critical that our income statement and balance sheet
>> be accurate.
> Dave,
> In the example of GDAL, are you looking for a record of outstanding
> liabilities
> like contracts that have been signed and we can consider ourselves
> on the hook
> to pay?
> There are none outstanding from 2007, but there are two for 2008
> that could
> be recorded.  I try to notify you and Tyler when I sign contracts on
> behalf of
> OSGeo but I can collect the potential liabilities for review if
> needed.
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