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Dear Kobben,

I am Xianfeng Song, teaching GIS at Graduate University of Chinese Academy
of Sciences. Glad to hear from you about the new idea of foss4g2012
academic track. As you know, there was a small committee organized by local
coordinator to run the review of academic papers in past events, and many
experts you mentioned were already there. They played a great role in
reviewing and recommending a journal. A few weeks ago, the LOC ever had a
meeting deciding to follow the customs to invite again those who ever
working for past academic tracks.

To encourage more academic paper submission in 2012, Prof. Chen, our
chapter representative, and other LOC members recommend to publish an IEEE
conference proceeding. The EI-index may help to spread the impact of our
academic track through its reference system. The GIS Association of China
is a very large community in China, we are thinking to attract those local
participants from universities or research institutions this time.

The above is our idea for your information. I also cc this mail to the LOC
for their attention.

Best regards,

2011/12/8 Barend Köbben <kobben at itc.nl>

>   Dear list,
>  In a recent MoU between OSGEO and ICA (the International Cartographic
> Association), one of the items was that ICA's Commission on Open Source
> Geospatial Technologies will team up with OSGEO to consolidate and
> strengthen the Academic Track at the annual global FOSS4G conferences.
> Suchith Anand (the commission chair) has asked me to start organizing this
> and provide some ideas about the possible setup.
>  Firstly I invite this list to please find below this setup for comments
> and discussion.
>  Secondly, as you can read in the setup, one of the action points is to
> "contact OSGEO for a liaison with the local organisers for Beijing 2012". I
> have found on the WiKi the name of Xianfeng SONG as 'lead for academic
> track', but unfortunately no more contact details. Does anyone within this
> list have contact details for mr or mrs Song?
>  Yours truly,
> --
> Barend Köbben (Senior Lecturer)
> ITC - University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information
> Science and Earth Observation
> PO Box 217, 7500AE Enschede (The Netherlands)
> +31-(0)53 4874 253
>   ++++++++++++++++++++++++
>  *FOSS4G** **2012** **&** **further** – **Academic** **Track*
> The general idea is to strengthen the Academic Track at the annual global
> FOSS4G conference. Currently it is too dependent on local and ad-hoc
> efforts (however successful many of them have been), we need to develop a
> fixed scenario and publication outlets to streamline and consolidate the
> Academic Track.
> For this we need a FOSS4G Academic track that is organised as follows:
>    1. A *scientific** **committee** *is established (some 4-5 members)
>    that in principle serve for several years, each year complemented with a
>    local organisation liaison; This committee oversees the Call for Papers and
>    the reviewing process and the publication efforts.
>    2. A *reviewing** **committee* is established under the auspices of
>    the scientific committee, with members (some 20-30) that in principle serve
>    for several years; Within this group there should be a sufficient spread of
>    competencies/knowledge/expertise, to cover a wide range of paper subjects.
>    3. The Call for Papers is published sufficiently in advance for people
>    to come up with full, scientific quality papers.
>    4. Reviewers are asked to (blind) review the papers for presentation
>    at the conference; The target should be to end up with 20-25 acceptable
>    papers for this stage.
>    5. The reviewers are additionally asked to indicate, for the papers
>    they find acceptable for presentation, if they think the paper should be
>    considered for publication in a special issue of a high quality academic
>    journal. From these highlighted papers, the scientific committee makes a
>    selection of 8-10 papers for a special issue of a journal.
>    6. The *selection* of the papers for both presentation and for the
>    academic journal should be finished *before* the  conference takes
>    place, so that the distinction can be made, e.g. by having a seperate
>    session for selected papers. We should look into the possibility to have in
>    coming years the journal published/printed and available at the conference
>    (this will mean shifting the reviewing process forward to allow for journal
>    production).
> For this process to work we should work on the following actions:
>    1. Likely candidates for the academic journal should be identified and
>    contacted. The most obvious candidate at present is "Transactions in GIS"
>    (in which the 2004 and 2011 FOSS4G academic tracks have been published).
>    *Barend* *K**ö**bben* will contact the editors.
>    2. *Barend* will contact previous organisers of academic tracks and
>    others for membership of a scientific committee under his chairmanship.
>    Likely candidates at this stage are Rafael Moreno (Denver 2011), Serena
>    Coetzee (Cape Town 2008 and TGIS editorial board) and Helena Mitasova
>    (OSGEO board and TGIS editorial board), but others could and should be
>    considered.
>    3. contact OSGEO for a liaison with the local organisers for Beijing
>    2012.
>    4. *Barend* will gather a list of candidates for the Reviewing C
>    ommittee from previous years' committees,asking previous organisers for
>     email contact details. We aim for some 20-30 people to ask for a
>    commitment  for several years and a keyword list of their interests
>    and expertise.
>    5. For the whole procedure a good paper/conference submission system is
>     essential. *Barend* will look into thepossibilities.
> The *planned* timeline for the 2012 track is:
>    - 1st preliminary Call for Papers (basically dates and subject matter)
>    before Christmas
>    - Detailed CfP (with procedures and detailed requirements): 1 February
>    - Full paper deadline: 31 March
>    - Reviewing decisions: 15 May
>    - Final (revised) papers deadline: July 15
>    - Final determination of journal contents: August 1
>    - Conference (preliminary dates 10-15 Sep)
>    - publication of special issue: ASAP
> Note that in coming years we would plan for this timeline to be moved
> forward to have the published journal available at the conference.
> *Barend Köbben*
> *
> *
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