Re: [gdal-dev] Installing test databases/servers online for the GDAL project

Lucena, Ivan ivan.lucena at
Tue Oct 28 08:55:15 EDT 2008


Very good point!

>  Another benefit of such an addition would be that the developers could
>  track down and fix issues related to these drivers without having to
>  wait for the component owner to take the required action. Most of the
>  developers (like me) cannot afford spending such amount of $$$ to have
>  those servers (like SDE or Oracle Spatial) installed locally, but I
>  sometimes have a couple of issues reported with SDE and OCI which
>  should be handled in short term.

I just want to comment that it is perfectly legal to install and run Oracle and Oracle Spatial without buying any 
expensive license for the time you need it, as long as it is used only for test and software development. I am not 
talking about Oracle XE, but the real one with SDE_SDS, SDE_GEOMETRIC, SDE_GEORASTER, SDE_PC etc. I would 
be willing help installing it on GDAL servers it if that helps.

Best regards,


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