[Geoprisma-users] Re: [Geoprisma-dev] Summary of on going issues with GeoPrisma

Alexandre Dube adube at mapgears.com
Tue Dec 8 12:08:48 EST 2009

Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> http://imaptools.com:8080/project/myproj/index2.php   r728
> http://imaptools.com:8080/project/myproj2/index2.php  trunk
> The mapfish layer tree will switch from WMS Base to OpenStreetMap but 
> the OSM is not checked and you can not change back to WMS. If you 
> double click the check box for the WMS check box it will check the 
> OSM, then a single click will bring it back, but it does not effect 
> the map display.

For the record :

=== problem ===
It's currently not possible to define OpenLayers objects linked to many 
resources as "baselayer" in GeoPrisma.  Here's the behaviors :
  - you can define a <node> that contains <children> but each <child> 
will have a radio button instead of a checkbox and the <node> (parent) 
will have a checkbox
  - it's currently not supported to have a single node that points to a 
list of resources, i.e.  <resourcenames> is currently not supported in 
the MapFishLayerTree.

=== workaround ===
Use the "alloverlays" option.

=== otherwise ===
If we wish to support this feature, we need to open a discussion / 
ticket about it.  Is it worth it ?  OpenLayers had some discussions in 
the past about "baselayers"...

Alexandre Dubé

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