javier garcia - CEBAS rn001 at cebas.csic.es
Fri Mar 12 16:45:10 EST 2004

Hi all;
I know this is not the most proper place to pose this question. But perhaps 
some has used these things successfully.
I'm usin GRASS along with R and Postgres, and really my problem is with the 
link between Postgres-R. I've written to the developer of the library but I 
guess he is out of work these days.
I just would like to know if someone has used R to write tables in Postgres. 
I'm trying to do it (dbWriteTable() function) but the function not only 
doesn't writes any data to the table but it also drops the table from the 

I'm using it in the way:
Error in dbAppendTable.PgSQL.conn(conn, name, data) :
        Table "pueblaunidatainterp" does not exist

And I can asure that the table existed but it is erased with the funtion.

If now one knows anything about this, forgive to ask this here.

Thanks and best wishes,


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