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G. Zacharioudakis GIORGOS at
Thu Feb 1 07:00:00 EST 1996


Thanks to every body and especially Bill Brown for their 
valuable help up to now.
We are gradually getting there...
Bill I followed your advice and the problem with
was solved!

Now and runs perfectly!!!!
I have to say that our machine is a 64-bit one and during the 
compilation I noticed 'internal tests' during which there was the 
assumption and acceptance that long=integer=32bit.
However that does not agree with the 64-bit compiler.

Apart from there were problems with v.digit and d.vect.
So we thought that the problems might exist because GRASS  operates 
with the above assumption.
We tried to locate the error messages that crash v.digit and we ended 
up to source/src/mapdev/diglib/portable.h and portable.c.
There we defined that long=64 bit (the length of long=64) and 
compiled again.
Suprisingly this released the operation of v.digit, and v.digit seems 
to run o.k. (it is true that we need some time to test all the 
The easy solution would be to change the appropriate compilation flag 
and recompile everything using a 32-bit option.
What is the general opinion of the users?
Carry on debugging the commands that do not work or recompile 
everything using the 32-bit option? 
Of cource choosing the second it will result lack of the capabilities 
of the 64-bit machine......
Any ideas about problem with d.vect? (I get all the messages on the 
unix screen but there is no vector plotted on the graphics screen!)
I will tidy up what we've done and let you know in detail.

Once more thanks to every body that helped me and I look forward to 
hearing from you
Giorgos Zacharioudakis
School of Earth Sciences 
University of Birmingham
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