[GRASSLIST:956] GRASS and vector lines: how can I change the direction of digitized lines?

wqual wolfgang.qual at gmx.net
Fri Apr 28 07:35:32 EDT 2006

Hi GRASS list,
I have two shapefiles which represent the average traffic load for some 
streets in Munich. The traffic is divided into "incoming" and "outgoing" 
What I would like to do: display this map in my mapserver application (using 
ttf-arrow symbols). 
However, mistakes were made during digitizing, thus the direction of the lines 
is wrong (looks like this


and should be something like


Therefore my question(s):
a) is it possible to display these directions within GRASS (I tried to do this 
in ArcView before)
b) how can I change the direction of the lines in GRASS?

I would be most grateful for some comments on this issue.

Best regards,


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